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The power of Passion

Published on 14 April 2020 at 19:33

Strenght .. what does that actually mean.

For me, strength means ... keep fighting for what you believe , for what you dream about and dare to express your opinion and your ideals.

To live your life with passion and to don't  giving up on anything.

Dare to stop and to see when something breaks you or when a situation did not bring you for what you were hopin for, don't wait but choose for whats making you grow.

Dare to be unique.

Because if you are  guided by the opinion of someone else, you are not living your own life, but someone else's.

Then you experience the taste and style of someone else and you live the life that someone else wanted to live.

Unfortunately, time is very important and precious and I can tell that it is a waste of your precious time to find out, who you really are and what fascinates or interests you or brings you joy when you cant express it anymore .

Whether you like crazy art, believe in god and are afraid of being judged about it, having the most strange clothing style ... or you love somebody form the same sex it's yours and that is who you are!

You have a responsibility to yourself if you are unhappy or dissatisfied at the end of the road.

Own it, be a trendsetter of your  style and radiate.

If someone doesn't appreciate you for what you like and what you love or who you are .. knock the dust off your shoes and walk on, they just want to see themselves in the mirror or just have to learn their own lessons in life.

In my oppinion, to be honest   otherwise it will be a hugh  waste of time.

It means to me not to lose yourself out of pride ... resentment or anger.

Be the first to settle in an argument simply because you chooche  love over pride.!

Strength or being powerfull to me is to keep yout distance to that beautiful man or hot woman across the green grass, but to dare to fight for your relationship and go through the rut on the way to a deeper connection.

Power means to me to be self-critical.

Dare to admit your mistakes, in the end,  not admitting a mistake you have made is lying to yourself, while when you, do a very strong growth process starts for you and people appreciate you because you are sincere.

For me, strength means passion, doing what you stand for and daring to take risks, dare to fall and to stand up as well.

Dare to make mistakes and appreciate criticism.

Personal passion .. dare to approach a person who interests, likes, or even someone who irritates you. Help each other grow.

Dare to be you and dare to give love, without love there is no life.

Let's face it, the things I just mentioned are one of the most difficult things for many, cause for many winning a competition is the ultimate goal or just a start or getting a job or diploma.  

In my opinion, the things I just mentioned go beyond winning a competition or getting a degree, This competition is called life and in my opinion life and love  is only the end goal for which we should fully commit ourselves and to fight for .     


Tell me what does strength mean to you?   Big kiss Britt from beauty or lifestyle



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