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Weekly Column

Published on 11 October 2019 at 11:31

Hi everybody!

After I've been sitting on the couch for a while and trying to escape the familiar grind feeling, I suddenly thought, 'how nice would it be to have a weekly column on my blog !?

A column about dreams, goals, fears, inspiration and feelings and situations in which we can all relate!

I come a long way considering the fact that  I experiences in l my life hasn't  always bin it easy.

And that is just one of my fears , I don't like to talk about negativity and the past, but because of that I have the greatest wishes, goals and dreams for my son and me!

My greatest dream of all is living under the Spanish sun, living outside, relaxing life and the '' oh tomorrow we will see it again mentality, it appeals to me so much!

After a short experience of three months in Spain, I have come to the conclusion that this is really a life that suits us, especially with my 6 year old son who prefers to spend the day sporting and outdoors, I write on this blog about how I experienced this period!

Currently I am blogging, I started doing this because writing and sharing beautiful experiences is a passion of mine and of course in the hope that this will be a success so that I can continue to do this as a passion everywhere and always! It also seems cool to me to become a great blogger who happens to be a normal mother of a beautiful son and to be an inspiration for many other mothers and / or parents!

I do notice how difficult the blog world can be, promote your blog, keep people fascinated and stay innovative! Believe me it can be quite a challenge, but even though it is difficult I don't let myself be fooled and start, at the beginning, namely that it should stay fun and not become a must.

This way you keep a nice content!

In this weekly column I would like to write about these topics and also go on the adventure with these subjects  and do not shy away from some fears,  in short;  to get to know myself better and to challenge myself! Do you join me?

I would also like it very much, for those who would like , to receive experiences that might fit nicely with this column! After all, we can learn from each other and we can also inspire each other!


Will you help me get closer to the dream? I would really appreciate that and love it! follow me on my blog and on Instagram so  that you can help me grow in this!

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