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Nutrition And Sports

Published on 3 October 2019 at 12:05

Hi everyone ,

People often ask themselfs ,  when is it the  best to eat and drink when you exercise!

Is this, for example,before or  the best afterwards? Whether you go running, swimming or fitness.

I will describe below what works best for me and why, my mother did the Aalo sport school and gave me some information to support it.

What works best  for me, is  to take a good meal and drink half a liter of water 2 till 3 hours before I start exercising, this provides enough energy and moisturising  during exercise.


It is better to not  eat a large meal right before exercising ,  I was told that digesting food requires a constant supply of blood to the gastrointestinal tract. When you exercise immediately afterwards, your muscles also require oxygen-rich blood.

These 2 phases then come into conflict with each other, which can cause stomach problems , and we  do not want that during exercise, right people? 

If I want to take a meal just before exercising or  just because can't do anything else, I'd rather not choose a heavy meal and no products that also contain a lot of fat, dietary fiber or protein, they will stay in your stomach for a long time  and then you can get bothered during exercise.

Caffeine and Spicey food are also not recommended, I can tell you from my own experience!


Exercising on an empty stomach is not advisable because your muscles will not get enough energy and it is not good for  your muscle building as well!

I have done this once, but as a result I did not workout as long as I wanted and I felt more tired and hungry 

It also does not cause faster fat burning.

You can even faint because the level of glucose in the blood drops too much.

Good little meals that I take  before I go exercising are:

  • A whole-wheat sandwich with low-fat margarine and chicken fillet or nut paste (100% nuts, without additives)
    A whole-wheat crispbread with cottage cheese
    Low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit (also frozen fruit is recommended, as they contain even more vitamin.
    Snack tomatoes, sweet peppers or, for example, cucumber.

  If you train for a long period of time and intensively, sports bars can sometimes help to keep my energy up to date.

If you exercise for less than an hour, you do not need them.

You can get too many calories,  If you exercise to lose some weight, that is not the intention

The same applies to sports drinks, water is and remains the very best.


I want to delve even more into nutrition during exercise, maybe another  article about this soon!

Did you find this a useful article? I would love to read this in the comments!


                                                                                                           Love Britt of Beauty of lifestyle 

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