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About products that may be rated on this blog, Regardless of how a product is obtained (whether we bought it, or received it, or per PR to test), our opinion will remain the same.

We retain control of all content on this site and have the right to opt out of a certain product.

We test all products from our own experiences.

We will always honestly give our opinion about the products, that can be positive or negative

.The reviews we do are based on our own experience, if you want to try something yourself, be careful, and do not forget to consult a medical specialist if something goes wrong.

We are not responsible for accidents


PR questions are always welcome! beauty or lifestyle loves discovering new, useful and beautiful products. If you want to have a brand or product tested and reviewed by my family or me, please contact us and mention the following details:
-Product Description
-Short company profile
- Date

We can not guarantee that an article will appear online immediately, but we will notify you when an article is posted.

Please email proposals and any questions to:info@beautyoflifestyle.nl

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Fun fact! From 2015 I (Britt) started at the first ith beauty or lifestyle this name I invented because I wanted a lifestyle blog about all the beautiful things in life so 1 = 1 = 2 and beauty of life (style) was born, also binge fit i allready had in my head for a long time , ''no binge watching'' , ''no binge eating'',  but binge fit!,  

My family finally joined,  being members of the beautyoflifestyle team. The names were checked on Biop.int/en and i was trilled  when they were still free! Questions or remarks? You can send to info@beautyoflifestyle.nl


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