Published on 3 February 2019 at 17:05

From childhood,

my sister and I like to go to Artis,


This beautiful zoo and oldest Dutch zoo, was founded on May 1, 1838, by G.F Westerman, J.W.H. Werlemannen and J.J.Wijsmuller.


Artis's goal is to stimulate love and care for nature.

Artis is located in the historic and beautiful plantation area and is easy to reach, also well-taken into account the disabled.


We love Artis through the historic buildings and Voileres, the nice atmosphere that hangs there, and the various locations and animals that you can find in Artis.

There is something for everyone in Artis,

You can picnic in different places, you can make a trip through the universe in the Planetarium, and take a delicious snack at the '' Two Cheetas '' with a view of the giraffes, the ostriches and the zebras while the children enjoy themselves. the playground.

Another nice tip after you have walked through Artis, you can eat out at the adjacent Restaurant de Plantage, where it is romantically lit in the evening, and you look forward to a beautiful voilere.kijk for more information on the link below.


Because we are so crazy about this zoo, we wanted to share this tip with you.


Because we regularly go to Artis, we have decided to take an annual subscription, because the following advantages stick to it and you get the normal admission prices already after c. a. 3x out, we did not want to deprive you.


Artis subscription benefits

                Artis membership

Unlimited access throughout the year
Support animals, nature conservation projects and monuments
Discount on extra admission tickets
10% discount on purchases in the Artis store
10% off restaurant de Twee Cheetahs
50% discount at Diergaarde Blijdorp, Burgers' Zoo and Dierenpark Emmen


For the current prices and benefits of membership at Artis, see the link below.


We hope you have had this tip, let us know!

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