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Dessertbar Haarlem

Published on 18 October 2019 at 10:53


                                                    Sweet, sweeter, sweetest

Recently I was happily surprised in Haarlem, I was taken to the Dessert bar in the Warmoesstraat.

This is surely the sweetest surprise in Haarlem. When you enter its cozy and and it felt like the old-fashioned Haarlem put in a new sweet coat!

The decoration is super beautiful and romantic and therefore definitely recommended for couples.

You can go here for of course a Dessert, lunch or  a drink.

We chose for the caramel cheesecake, the cheesecake is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and I am also not mild at judging a good cheesecake, the combination must be perfect for me, otherwise it will result in a real disappointment.

We decided to take a delicious cup of coffee, which is prepared with fresh coffee beans and care, and we were then given a beautiful piece of caramel cheese cake!

The service is cheerful and the staff is  very interested in her guests!

People,  like I said I am not an easy one when it comes to cheesecake, but I have not tasted a cheesecake anywhere else that can match the freshly prepared cheesecake of my mom, but guys it will be on my favorite list!

Every bite is a delicious experience, soft, sweet and fresh and the whole taste was heavenly and exactly as you would expect from a  good cheesecake, I did extra long and economical about every bite I will tell you haha, the coffee in combination with it is  yummmie that makes it completely finished!

I rate him also as a true culinary masterpiece!

I enjoyed being so surprised by this bar, especially since I didn't know about it.

I find the concept very cool and innovative, modern and super sweet!

A delicious and unique bar and certainly nice to take someone with you or surprise you, look for more on www.dessertbar.nl


Let me know if you've been here!

Sweet hugs Britt


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