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Beachclub Vroeger

Published on 3 February 2019 at 16:13

A clear blue sky,

a nice breeze in summer I Love it !

recently i went   to the beach  to one of my favorite places, Beachclub Vroeger !

I like to come there since I ever worked there and saw this beach club flourish!

Everyone knows that you pay a lot more money on the beach at the beach for snacks and drinks, but if you see what you get at Beach club in the past, that should not spoil the fun!

There is always a nice music , the people are all cheerful and friendly and there is a very nice atmosphere!

My little one wanted a lemon with his drink and was very nice helped, Even a drink has a lot of attention, you are really welcome as a guest.

The decoration of this beach club reminds me of the luxury south of France and it also has something rustic!

I could enjoy the view of the sea with a delicious cold white drink in myhand, and my little one playing with other kids!

And those who love a good beach party can have their luck here!

My summer tip and favorite Spot!

For more info see the link ⬇️.

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