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Published on 3 February 2019 at 13:29


 Dear animal lovers,


I would like to tell you about my number 1 choice in animal food.

 I feed my dogs Carnibest because it is pure food, which also has  a lot of choice

. Scooby has had pancreas inflammation several times, a very painful and sometimes also a dangerous syndrome.

I had to change from simple supermarket to special feed. Well what a quest that was, because not only Scooby's tummy was choosy, but Scooby himself was also very picky! in the end I found Carnibest. Carnibest has an extensive range tailored to various complaints, such as fur, gastrointestinal tract, diabetes and yes, special food for the pancreas.

Scooby and Butch find it really  afeast both, they have less stools one day because it is easily digestible and the vet belongs to the past. Especially for you I have the link to the website below, Carnibest also has pet food for the cat.

Have fun finding your perfect feed an let us know if you did find something you needed!


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