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Next Episode..Closer to the dream

Published on 14 April 2020 at 19:24

17. Disappointment or relief?

After the downer of this evening we decided to keep it friendly and were  hoping that Aat was tired from the trip with her daughter.

After all, I know her as a funny, sweet and sociable lady, so that hope was high and almost taken for granted that it would all work out.


It is yet another morning a lovely breeze went through the window in my room, the sun was shining early ..like every morning , our two beautiful white house pigeons were peeking on the balcony again.

I heard  the shower , it could not be my mother, since we lived in Spain we have taken over the habits of the Spaniards a bit and we got up relaxed and quiet in the mornings.

It was Aat who prepared herself and her daughter for the day.

This was a positive development, I thought, and yes she seems a lot happier than yesterday.

We decided to start the morning with a cup of coffee and breakfast.

After the morning progressed I was  surprised that the enthusiasm to start the day together at the pool, so that the children found some fun and coolness, was missing from her and Aat thought it was a nicer idea to search for a hot Spanish man on Badoo and asked me to translate for her as she didn't speak a word of Spanish and I've already learned how to speak spanish.

Honestly ... the need to have a conversation with her felt very great and I was very irritated with her. We are in a very beautiful place, I couldn't wait to show her the village and the beautiful beaches. And to Taste the delicious dishes and have a nice evening out as friends, but instead the disappointment only got bigger and bigger .. really I  feel like I have to cry.

We decided to hope for the better again and tried to throw in all our positivity and do some groceries.

The agreement we made with Aat was that she could stay with us in the apartment for free and only had to pay for groceries, this suddenly became a discussion point and she decided to fill our refrigerator with her own products.


I was soo mad, we walked to the store and luckily the walk seemed exactly what we needed. The children had fun and we saw Aat thawing little by little and enjoying the beautiful view. We passed a taco restaurant near the LIdl and her luck could not be beaten. Fortunately, we were all super happy and hoped for better.

But unfortunately that seemed to turn into a big disappointment in the store again, we had an agreement to get our own groceries, but suddenly she decicded  that she would like to eat with us in the evening. Meanwhile in the store I already saw myself  with steam out of my ears, but no, we still hoped for better and we wanted for her daughter and my son so much more fun that we tried to look how could make this situation better..

Again the walk seemed to do  good.

Her daughter completely cheerful really wanted to take a dive in our big pool, but we all had to be reluctant to sit inside as Aat was tired and wanted to go back on Badoo, the disappointment in her daughter's eyes hurt me and Aat also thought for to even stay for 6 weeks. I could not let this go on for my son and that is not good for anyone.

I decided to talk to her anyway and  to share my findings with her. This seemed to be paying off, she apologized and said that she could indeed behave like a diva and she seemed to appreciate that I discussed this incident with her, and I also told her that if this situation persists I would rather have to not make the situation worse for the children and than to take some distance from each other.

She seemed to understand this and I was very relieved that I had this conversation with her. Unfortunately 5 minutes later it seemed as if we were all at a funeral and the atmosphere just got worse and worse, she stayed on badoo , her child next to her on the couch and we who continuously tried to go outside and she who kept turning it down .. I got angry .. sad and and was very disappointed in my friend, I did not know this from her and I had expected it all very differently, I did not want to participate and I was saddled for another 6 weeks with someone who is so very negative I could not imagine.

So in the end I decided to talk to her again, but this conversation was so disappointing that Unfortunately, my mother and I had to decide that parting is sometimes better. She continued on her way to the Netherlands and although we were very upset about the situation, we were very relieved that our last two months could not be ruined anymore.

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