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Get that Bike

Published on 3 February 2019 at 11:00

Hi everybody!


My tip to be always  sure that you have enough exercise is to take that bike!

For me, every day is a great day to grab the bike and go my dragon in the belts and enjoy the weather!

This time  it's summers and I cycled with my son to Zandvoort, even though I live there by bike for about an hour!

But it is sooo good ....that wind in my back and the sun in my face!

What is also a nice  is that I have done something about my fitness, in total with my legs some 1400 calories off cycling ''and people believe me ;;you still get a nice round ass, yes, those winter fat disappear like snow in the sun!

My boy was sitting quietly watching and enjoying everything that was happening around him,  so sweetly those deer you see as soon as you drive into Zandvoort.

I saw all those people standing there with that blood-heat bored ,waiting for them to finally get a little closer to the beach, and I loved that I could drive on, no drama in traffic and no drama to hopelessly find a parking spot, and to  then drive back in a bloody-hot car.

After enjoying the beach, we have a nice fries to eat at the Kerkplein , they make the fries fresh where you stand and you do not have to wait long, it is the snack bar opposite café Koper.

On the way back my little guy was asleep.

What a top day three flies in one blow, so peepz you live around Amsterdam or Haarlem grab that bike, and enjoy it altough it seems a lot but after a few times you do not want anything else.


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