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The way to the dream

Published on 2 May 2019 at 09:01

1. the thought


I sit on the couch , and look at my son , who is enjoying himself with the wooden train he got from his aunt.

Im enjoying his serious head that  when he  ttries to confirm the railways together and from his little hands who can do so much.

He has to go to school in less then a year, that makes me  pretty stuffy, I had him for 2.5 years every day with me, I have seen him grow up from baby to smart toddler.

Then I look outside and then back to him, I have been playing for a long time with the idea of ​​going to Spain for a year with him and my mother, then that thought keeps on playing more and more until I can not let it go also, because this is a period in which a lot has happened, I do not go into it too deeply because I don't want to make a depressing story here, but you can imagine that I am not just a single mother, of course, with the associated difficult phases .

I wanted to get away and away from the grind of everyday life.

I experience a lot of fun and happiness  with my little man but the hasty life the cold in this little country and after certain stress factors, I just wanted nothing at all, nothing but just enjoying my boy, enjoying warm weather, culture just get away !!!


As I said I could not let go of that thought and I have also discussed this with my mother, she did not know well yet, she just wanted to go out and enjoy with her grandson and daughter, but also has another daughter, my dear sister who likes to see her.

I knew that I had to do a lot to make it possible at all, I had to think of certain things such as water and electricity that had to be vacant in my house and more of that kind of things, luckily it all went well, my happiness could not be better 

We can start the real plans now.


do you want to read more about our adventure ? keep following us next week a follow-up will follow.



2.The dream is getting closer and closer


Planning could begin
I regularly visited ma with my son, to look for suitable apartments  with her, which in itself was quite a job, whether it was too far from the beach or the city, or it was too small or too expensive and  so on, i can tell you it was quite frustrating, nevertheless the excitement of searching and discovering was very nice, we got to  know places that we did not even know existed while my mother is still well known in Spain.

When she was little, my grandfather had  in Sant Charles de la Rapita in the province of Tarragona a very nice villa with an indoor and outdoor pool about 50 meters from the beach, he lived the  dream.

Well before I wander ... my mother has backpacked all over the country, she  got to know the traditional Spanish cuisine there and ended up being Chef in several places, I was surprised she did not know all the places.

Finally we found a suitable accommodation, namely the apartment complex '' Las Brisas '' in Calle Esmeralda, situated in the for my mother and me unknown Puerto de Mazarron  in the province of Murcia on the Costa Calida, it is a typical Spanish apartment with two bedrooms a bath and living room, kitchen, balcony and a solarium with a stunning vieuw according to the English lady and a whopper of a swimming pool, only ten minutes from the beach.

Yes this has everything you expect from a stay.

After several contacts with the English lady named Jane, we were cheering and dancing at the table, crying and laughing when we could make the first payment in the end, but at one moment it shot through us '' can we trust her '' but that didn't spoiled the fun .

Now our trip became true, my mother had not been abroad for 17 years, she could not believe that it was really happening and left a little tear.
My sister had a hard time not being able to see us for a few months and of course we did, we had a lot of talks about this, we invited her to come to us with her husband Jeroen, and as far as the time came closer she got peace in her way, we were already looking forward to being there all together so when she gave her blessing that was for me the last knot that was cut through.

The dream is getting closer.

Next week a sequel,  is Jane  to be trusted? And didn't  we have  overlooked anything?, You read it the next time!

3. Farewell


It is a beautiful day on June 21, 2016 my best friend Aat arrives to say goodbye to us, we were done with the routine here in the netherlands the hurried life the cold and the boredom hit mercilessly and we just go, it's the day to say goodbye to friends and family, to be honest I did not feel much about it yet I was looking forward so much to the trip, it felt like a discovery as an incredibly tough step we planned to make,  our sabatical.

During the booking of the flight and apartment, my mother almost canceled, cried and felt guilty to my sister several times, , afraid she is not a good mother.
After much consultation and explanation back and forth my sister got less trouble with the idea that we would leave for a while,

I thought this was an incredibly brave and sweet deed from her, and she felt that she was really hapy for me, happy that  this dream  that I had cherished from a very early age comes closer, although she still found it difficult.

She said to me literally: I know you've wanted this for a long time and I still do not like it that you just decided to go in this period, I understand that your little one is going to school next year and that you extra want to enjoy it but you have my blessing and I am really happy for  you, afters she said this to me, I burst into whine and it seemed as if I had a very warm blanket over me, at first I could not really enjoying the idea that we were leaving, early I did not  to talkmuch  to my sister about it and on the one hand I was happy, but on the other hand I felt bad about my sister, but now, now that I have her blessing it felt perfect she even wanted to bring us to the airport, I couln't be happier  and i haven't seenb  my mother's  that happy before. .

But I digress it is June 21 and the day before we leave, my girlfriend has brought Spanish nougat and sweets on the road, and even gave me a small ammount of money to buy some fun at Schiphol, that moved me and I invited her to visit me with her daughter from the summer.

Later we had a nice meal with French fries, my little one did not really know anything but felt our happy moods continuously.

Suddenly as a surprise my sister and brother in law stood in the garden with a package of booklets for the plane and a written card to wish us happiness and pleasure, and then I suddenly started to feel like the lightning struck, I loved the selfless act of my sister, such a sweet gesture I started to burst into tears and then I really realized that I do not see my dear sister, my best friend, for a while, even though they do visit us, I looked at her face and saw that she was genuinely happy for us, but I know her and felt her sorrow and fear and that she tried to hide that hurt me, but at the same time I noticed  that she had so much love for us.

She became angry for a moment, she had my son in her arms and said: you never do this to me again, you do not want me to keep him out of my reach for so long we had to laugh and cry at the same time ...

Spain came closer and closer.

As the evening progressed and then it became night i became  increasingly nervous, did we arrive on time? , we had to be there at 5.00  will we fall asleep and does it  become a home a lone story with running people at the airport, but everything ran smoothly.

My brother-in-law first brought me to the airport with all  the suitcases, my little one was still with his grandmother and aunt.

What was my brother-in-law not sweet, not  sleeping well put me to the airport and then pick up his wife and mother-in-law with my little dragon who did not understand why nobody had slept and everyone was so nervous haha,

We arrived at schiphol and my brother-in-law Jeroen dropped me off with the suitcases, I went to a coffee bar to wait for the rest.

I was very nervous, do they arrive on time? do not they forget where I am? I do not have wifi how can they reach me? pffff I got tired it but the feeling that we almost went ooh what a wonderful feeling is that!


At the coffee bar I came across a couple  a blonde slender lady and a slender gentleman, very coincidentally they come from Alicante, we are going to land in a few hours, I asked them what it was like there and she told me that the temperature was always pleasant that it only rains twice a year and when I told them we went to Puerto de mazzarron which is not yet known by many Dutch tourists, she told me that it was beautiful there a town with a lot of history and that it is called the kitchen garden of Europe ,.
I asked why they were here while living in such a great country, their experience my dream something I still look forward to today with my son in a warm country with palm trees, mountains good food and more possibilities , a country with siestas and fiesta's more easy going wauuw I trot again ,well she told me that she had to go to her doctor because she had breast cancer a few years ago and her protese was not quite right, my throat slammed and the understanding why she moved to Spain was getting bigger and bigger, fortunately she was healed and I thought she was tough with all her openness.

They also asked why I went to Spain with my son and mother, I told her that  my sondont have to  to go to school for a year yet, I would like to experience a special time with him, that I want to give him something beautiful, but also because my sisters my mother and I have had a violent past with the most nasty things you can think of that I did not even want to mention with lawyers bad father etc and that we wanted to say goodbye for good by ending it with a beautiful period to close .


We continued talking for a while until my mother phoned me panicky to ask where I stood hahahaha, my fear had turned into the truth she had just forgotten where we had agreed, I heard her voice stressed, they were logical with my sister, my little one and two jack russels because my mother's dogs had to go and that was my mother's condition otherwise she would not go with me, she told me that they could not find my sister and brother-in-law a parking spot and they could not stay our goodbye,

I was disappointed because I had only seen my brother in law and could not give a last hug to my sister, another disaster I did not know exactly where my mother and my monkey were, I had no wifi and no call credit so my mother could not reach it, I went to that same coffee bar I believe it was a place and asked if I could call my mother, finally I got the old one she told me to me that she was upstairs and with Transavia was waiting for me with my little one,
I panicked again how do I get all those suitcases? and where is that then, without thinking, I decided to go and find my way and finally I found the couple with dogs and all at the check-in counter of transavia.

I run straight to my little boy as if I had not seen him for years, I take him with me and can not wait to check in, we were already a bit  late  and were still a little bit worried by the apologetic goodbye of my sister and her husband, mn mother also told me that while they were on their way to the shipyard it was very difficult for my sister and even got a bit angry and therefore became a dragon haha, but I could only understand this very well for her this was the moment when she really became and when she suddenly realized that we were really going, I could hug her even more now I thought.


Finally we were waiting in a not too long line to finally check in, what have I laughed two heavy suitcases, two dogs in travel cannels who pretended they had been doing this for years while this was their first time and my little one  was interested in everything  and wanted to run everywhere,

A backpack and our hand luggage were still checked, okay 30 euro more expensive from we had packed too much,

I have to admit that was my fault I am quite a vain aunt and afraid that dragon and I could not dress well I had packed  for more than a year while my mother swears by leggings only some blouses, shirts and yes how else packed some leggings!.

I enjoyed the stress that my mother had (nice stress) I saw my mother that she enjoyed the feeling she suddenly had after 17 years, the feeling of just going, going to the unknown seeing people in vacation sphere , yet I knew that she still did not quite realize it

My little boy was like a child in a candy store, everything was of course new to him although we have been traveling before but to be able to remember that he was still too young , he saw the electric stairs  as slides, ATMs that were the knot because yes mommy buttons that are fun.

There we went the last but final step to the passport control, my mother had a small backpack but you would think that does not fit in too much, gosh what came out of it, laptop, hair dryer, hair bristles many chargers a lot paper work dog leashes you name it, I think we have been there for almost an hour, especially my boy who wanted to help everyone to bring there  stuff  from those plastic bins back in his or her bags , yes it was quite hectic  but I enjoyed intense!


Finally towards the gate it came at my mother that it really but then really going to happen, it seemed like my sister felt that we were almost in the air just like we ordered coffee and croissants and had to run to the plane she called several times to indicate that she really liked it and did not want to respond in the ca like that..
When we were allowed to board, I was already tired of all the nice but tiring nerves and stress I had experienced, we were sitting and we went, now it was only wait until we could finally experience that beautiful feeling and the other air, of the abroad, of Spain,

My monkey was sleeping wonderfully the dogs too and my mother and I talk all the way about what we could possibly expect and whether the English women Jane would really come because this is our first time that we orgaized a trip without  travel agency as well the appertement, it was an English lady who was well regarded but yes you never know!


Next week read whether or not we meet Jane at the airport and whether this is all going well.

4.                                    Finaly we arrive 


After two hours in the air we heard that we could finally land,

I was also doing a powernap with my little one in my arms and Tedje the little dog of my mother in his travel bag sandwiched between my feet.

When I heard that we were going to land, I called my mother, I was instantly awake, my little man was still  asleep.

I just looked out of the small plane window to catch a glimpse of España, I I felt so peaceful and the holiday feeling was very present.

We were allowed to get out of the plain and I had forgotten about the hurry at door, after all those years,

We walked through the gate with the dogs in their travelbags , the hand luggage and a child who was half awake and did not understand how we now were in a  very diffrent place.

The next stress project was approaching, picking up the suitcases, I thought by myself it will take a long time before they  arrive, but this time it did not bother me, we were finaly here  even tough how heavy that little one was , who wanted to wake up quietly in my arms but everything felt perfect.

Then We arrived at the lugage room, where it was very quit.

My son of course wanted to jump straight into the roller band for your lugage , I explained to him that he had to help me to find our suitcases and had to wait until we saw them, he  prefer to be with the dogs to pet them and to take care of them.

Tikkel and Ted were delighted that they were out of that stupid cannel and could stretch their paws again, of course Tikkel had to pie against the luggage car.

While waiting for our suitcases, I suddenly started to wonder if Jane would turn up, I even started to feel a little anxious, after all, you often hear that those real estate agents of apartments recieve the first payment and then never show up, we knew that the risk was there but  decided to go on and do this adventure, we had done some research and enough confidence to continue this.

Finally my green, heavily loaded suitcase arrived, then my sports bag and finaly the small suitcase with my mother's leggings, I said come on mother we have everything, let's see if Jane is there, but I had a strong feeling that I had  forgotten something but since I have that more often and afterwards it turns out that I was worried about nothing I ignored that feeling


.From  the  window at the airport, we finaly saw Alicante and   the weather was beautiful and we even saw  some mountains allready , I immediately showed it to my little  man '' look sweetheart you see the mountains we do not have that at home hu?, my little man repeated me and wanted  to go as soon as possible outside the aiport. .

We walked to the Arrival, and it grabbed me to the throat, I saw no one with the name plate, no woman who had forfill the description and no one who nervously caught our attention, Mom is she really not here I spoke in panic, jeah, ''jeah''  my mother said  who was also quite nervous through the arrival, '' we just have to look further '', in almost a quarter  which, incidentally, seemed an hour we saw no one, no one who looked at us or was looking for us.

She cheated us was what we thought, almost crying.

After a while we saw a female with short khaki pants, wooden high heels, red dyed hair and a perfectly sun-tanned skin will that be her, I said to my mother.

5. Relief and intense enjoyment.



Brigitte is it you?

The woman asked and we knew that everything went well, the relief I felt was indescribable.

My big boy sitting in his car, which was a lot better than to cary him after al , we walked towards the garage and it just  only would take another one and a half hour in the car to finaly arrive at the destination, where we  all those months had looking forward to,

However, the question now was, was her Renault Clio big enough for all our luggage and of course the kiddy car?

In  first instance, when we saw the car we thought so, eventually the stroller of course did not fit so we dump the kiddy car there

We sat there and were so close to my dream,our dream, I saw that my little one  was a little bit tired he was a bit impatient and insisted on the donut we bought earlier at the airport, after all,  and because he had  been so sweet the whole trip I allowed it. .

We  got into conversation with Jane, she  was a real English lady with a heavy accent, we all wanted to know everything and asked  how is  our apartment? How is the area where we are going to live? Is  there a lot of tourism?  She answered all our questions patiently

When we drove out of the garage, I noticed that it was so nice and  soft weather, we drove  to the highway and then a blissful feeling arose there were mountains along the highway and a pine tree smell so different from the Netherlands, my mother, son and I went from ooooh and aaaah and we  wanted to never leave Spain again,

Jane laughed very hard and said that she recognized herself in us, it was fourteen years ago for her that she moved to Puerto for the same reasons as we dd, the rut in England eternal rain and hurried life.

She has had a difficult time in the beginning because of the crisis and  had to work hard to find a good job like this.

At one point I stopped talking, I wanted to take in all of the impressions as well as possible and held the hand of my boy and saw that he was rather quiet and also looked outside.

I felt a tear, I looked to my mother  it was very overwhelming for her,  after 17 years she was finally in Spain, the country where she lived for five years of her youth in which she has experienced backpacking and good times, all the way we said that we never wanted to go back home.


Jane told us extensively about every town and village we drove along, it was so nice our real estate manager/ driver and also a tour guide in one ,it was like we had win the lottery it seemed impossible to start better.


Until I noticed that my little one  did not really find his way in sitting or laying down, I wanted to help him and suddenly felt my chest getting warm and at the same time a very sour donut smell, my little one was tired of the fatigue of the journey an was a bit car-sick, oh gosh I thought to myself I did not care much that I was completely covered in the gush, although the air did not smell very well, I just felt very embarrassed that the car of Jane now needed a clean up,, she happily picked it up very well and wanted to deprive me of that feeling. I wanted to make my boy better, but he fell asleep happily and slept until we arrived.

The curiosity for our apartment now took over, we knew the location, but not yet what it looked like and were also a little bit nervous for this.




At one point I stopped talking, I wanted to take in all the images as well as possible, held the hand of my boy and saw that he was rather quiet and also looked outside.

I felt a tear, I saw my mother that it was very overwhelming for her, she was after 17 years finally in Spain, the country where she lived for five years of her youth in which she has experience gebackpacked and good times, all the way we called that we never wanted to go back home.

6. Appartment 2C




We approached the place of destination and saw to our luck a picturesque village with many of these typical Spanish houses, lined with those beautiful pink flowers, boukanvyl.

There were also many Moorish influences that made it even more beautiful, we drove up a mountain and Jane told us that we were almost there now, that was a surprise to us, it was not exactly a hill like she told , but to be honest a huge mountain.

We knew that we would soon get rid of our extra kilos, because  we have to walk  that mountain every day to reach the beach and the shops now.
I had to get used to it..

My lovely son was still sleeping and when we arrived at the complex she told us the routes to the center and the beach,

We walked into the complex and saw the huge pool, we were pleasantly surprised it looked clean and beautiful,  we touht , this pool is for a long time ours, even though it was a complex that you have  share with several people.

We found out that it was on the second floor , this was a little disapointment,depening  my son that meant that we had to pay extra attention.

Jane picked up the key of our apartment we could not wait to see our new place, she opened the door and we run all inside, our happiness could not be better when we saw that it really had a typical Spanish decorated interior, two large bedrooms of which my mother's with balcony, a cozy little living room and a cute kitchen with such a bar and a lovely bathroom with bath !!

However, when we saw the balcony, I saw that it was a bit dangerous  since we were on the second floor and my boy is a  climber, I took him right to the balcony and told him that he was not allowed to climb because it is very dangerous and could fall, well how do you tell a child of 2.

But if my boy hear the word dangerous, he luckely listen.

Jane showed us the best place of the house we had a marvelous marble staircase in the living room that led to the sollarium, we walked upstairs with her and  my baby in my arms, then we saw that what Jane said about it a '' stunning vieuw '' and that was absoluty true,  we looked over the mountains and whole Puerto the mazzarron, the sea and the village we really had a beautiful view  my mother and I left a tear it was so beautiful.

After seen and admired everything, we wanted to pay the first monthly rent, my mother offered to go with Jane and asked here where the nearest ATM machine was,

Jane told me that it was downstairs nearby, that would mean that my mother already  have  to  walk  down the enormously steep mountain.

She asked if Jane could give her a lift, and Jane did that too.

I decided,  because I had to wait for my mother, to unpack our bags and set up the closets so that this really became our home

My little one was watching a cartoon, I enjoyed getting  out the summers clothes we could wear every day now, the swimsuits of my little monkey  who could enjoy the sun and the beach every day.

My favorite clothing I gave a special place and then encountered a huge problem, where was the backpack with my bikinis?

I became very nervous , we are in one of the hottest places in Europe and I can't find my bikinis.

Just now that I wanted to dive into the pool with my little one, even tough  how tired I was from the trip,

I always want to get to know a new place right away, I have searched everywhere but I couldn't  find that damn'd  backpack anywhere,  I  even got a little bit emotional, I did not want to believe it but because of the stress at the airport if Jane would be there I believe I  think I forgot my backpack and leave it at that airport that was a huge disappointment I will tell you


7. Operation discovery



After mom's adventure aswell with the chicken, I told the bad news of the swimwear, fortunately we had some safings,  so my mother offered as soon as she  finished her chicken soup that we would walk to the village together, to go shopping for swimwear.

Waiting for the steamy chicken soup was finished, we decided to have lunch, mothers had a tasty baguette with some siege and a glass of milk, when we tasted the milk we realized how much better it tasted than in the Netherlands a soft creamy and sweet taste while there is no sugar in it. I still miss that.


Miles, my son certainly drank two cups after each other.


The chicken soup was ready.


We went to the elevator and enjoyed every moment and every detail in the complex, the other smell than at home, the smell of sunblock and clean towels, I'm addicted to it!


When we walked out of the complex we  saw beautiful pine trees and the view was different than the hours before when we arrived, our view was breathtaking,all those mountains and trees waauw.

Now I had to start the challenge with the mountain and I will tell you, at first I did not dare to go down the mountain with Miles, it went down so steeply and a rather awkward detail that you could do better via the road than through the pavement , since they consisted of slippery paving stones.


The first time was really a torture haha, Miles clasped in my arms because we had of course left the kiddycar at the Airport, the two of us were scared  and carefully  step by step walking so that nothing happened with Miles  finally we made it and we were down.


But how we had to walk to the village, despite Jane's explanation, we had forgotten that.

Fortunately, we both have a good sense of direction and decided to follow our intuition.

What have I laughed at my son, as a prince he sat in his chariot with his sunglasses and nice to look around, he could not speak sentences, but man man man he was chatting, delicious net like his mother.


We walked through the streets and past our new neighbors, cozy squares, trees where fresh dates hung, people who hung their laundry and children playing with each other.


When we had to cross over we encountered a square with shops, tapas bars and coffee bars a Mercadona a kind of ako a bank and a butcher, it lived and was very nice! We thought we live close to all the necessities.

'' Mom '', I asked, '' where did you just did the groceries ? '', '' Oh at the Spar '' she said, who seemed to be even closer, I did not even know that there was also Spar in Spain.

When we walked on and on, there also appeared to be a Chinese shop with an inexpensive supply of swimming equipment to kitchen items.

On the other side was the Lidl, we decided to go inside, to view the offer and the prices, you have to know where you stand.

      8.      Is this Paradise                                       

We were amazed and there was a hugh selection of fresh, tasty sandwiches and other products, the prices were unbelievably low, a whole water melon  only costs 0.65 eurocents and fresh tuna from a kilo of 5 euros, this really was a   nice side effect.

Although we often did our shopping in different places, because the prices were all over puerto de mazarron, the Lidle was still the place  for us to be.

We bought pecan caramel rolls and some donuts and walked on, my son naturally asked for donuts every time from this moment on haha.

We found out that we were heading in the right direction and ended up in the center.

What an atmosphere, you walked past the fresh bakery down the street past the  nicest shops one of my favorites was the ice cream shop with fresh yogurt ice cream.
It looked like we no longer had to worry about where we were, we approached the boulevard.
The closer we got to the centru,, the happier we became,  lots of touristic activities, por exemple  a tour train all day long and some nice shops and all happy people.
Suddenly my mouth fell open, while Miles was already walkin and holding my hand.

We saw a beach so incredibly beautiful, with rocks, surrounded by mountains, a clean beach and people doing zumba on the beach.

What a boulevard with its restaurants, we were overwhelmed by all the beauty we ended up in.
We could not have hoped this, it is a paradise on earth.

After our overwhelming first impression we decided to take a terrace, the attention was drawn to Avenida, a pleasantly full terrace, where all Spaniards were enjoying the tapas, café american0 or wine.
As the only milk cans present with some extra pounds of butter on the hips, except for my son of course because he is perfect, we were looking for a table with a sea view.
There came the camerero called MO, which eventually became a good friend.
My mother already spoke good  Spanish, but I not yet, I still wanted to take a chance with ordering, after all I would have to learn the language. '' Buenas tardes, yo quiero dos café americano y un fanta de naranja por favor '' came out rather embarrassed, the fact that we wanted to fit in was highly appreciated at Avenida.


It just really started! "Is this Paradise?"

          9.   Shop top


The team was quite surprised that there were two blond women with a child from the Netherlands, as the Dutch were not very aware of this fishing village.

Puerto de Mazarron is a holiday resort among the Spaniards and the holiday period had not even begun for them.

We got into a conversation, at least my mother in particular, since she was already fluent in Spanish, how I harassed her and the Spaniards to learn the language.


We had a delicious dinner and sat at Avenida, my little one was welcomed very nicely by the team and was able to play there.


But of course we still had a goal, since I came across the fact that I lost the swimwear and we had to score a stroller, so we decided to browse the shops, this was also a fun activity since they have the nicest collections. I sold summer clothes for a good price, I would have preferred to have bought everything at once everything was just as nice, so nice that I couldn't make a choice.


I first came across a great summer hat made of reeds for Miles, and a Hawaiian blouse with turquoise swimsuit and two extra natural, perfect I thought.

It was also quite a surprise that Miles was having a good time shopping because normally I have to follow him all the time and pull him away everywhere and of course I didn't have a car yet.


My mother traded in her leggings for two dresses and I now had enough summer and swimwear for a year.

Scoring the car was still a challenge because there was only one shop that sold this in the area and with these types of items they are quite pricey, but it worked out although it almost looked like a doll's cart haha.

We tried to find our way back to the complex, which by the way is a wonderful walk back in the sunshine with cheerfully muttered people, the mountains and palm trees around you,

We saw lemon trees, lime trees, and orange trees but that is not all, there were many fig trees and date palms and you could just pick fresh from most of them.


I really never want to leave, I thought, this will someday be my home.


I felt how special this was for me, the fact that I can taste a dream, the dream to someday settle down with my son in this great country, the rush from the Netherlands is far to be found here and family means everything here.

10. EL Pajarito


Miles  fell asleep  quickly  and we too, I can tell you,, although I was  awakened by the excitement of the great adventure we stepped into.


Since the rest were still sleeping, I decided to call my friends and sister to give  them the first update.


Video calling was of course a must and it went from oeeeh to aaah and they became more and more enthusiastic, knowing that my sister would also be heading in our direction in two months.

And Aat would also be there for a few weeks.


Then I walked up the marble spiral staircase to the solarium to enjoy the particularly beautiful view. With a warm feeling of the sun on my back and a wonderfully gentle breeze, I enjoyed our view intensely, so I repeated this '' our view '', you saw mountains everywhere, the village and that beautiful, large, impressive sea, our balcony also had a beautiful view!

I felt goosebumps again, I felt like a queen so rich

After the two sleepy heads had awakened, we jumped into nice clothes and went to the village to begin our first evening with a Spanish dinner!

The happiness on my mother's face and the happy face of my son made me happy.

From our apartment we walked down that amazing mountain through the characteristic streets.

Suddenly something caught my attention on the ground, a black ball, it turned out to be a swallow chick that had fallen out of the nest, this felt very special and I went there to offer the little boy a good chance of survival.


On the terrace of Avenida, people of course also noticed, that little one of course couldn't be pulled away from the swallow chick ... she told me that it happens very often that they fall out of the nest and  then fed by people who they find, el pajarito as they call a bird in Spanish, it could survive on milk and pieces of bread, I was so happy with this tip, but what I didn't know is that the little poor bird demanded even more care than my son!


On the terrace we started with some bread with aioli and a good glass of Mazarron wine and Miles with a delicious cold fruit juice, looking out at the mysterious sea and rocks with the evening light, the boulevard and all those happy people!

And what was completely amazing ,, it was six o'clock and there was actually a zumba program on the beach!


Yes this is life the way you have to live!

11. We are being chased

After we had a wonderful time on the terrace and took a long walk on the boulevard, with the most atmospheric stalls and the street vendors with their goods,  wich all of them said to Miles '' Ola amigo, que tal? And giving him a high vife we ​​decided to go to bed  early  since its the first day, and we also wanted to find a good solution for the bird.

There was a beautiful twilight and we wanted to try a different route back to the apartment, luckily we now had the newly kiddy car we bought earlier this day and Miles was  being  lazy in the stroller enjoying everything he saw, it was just like a fairy tale, the other scent, the palm trees, the people and the streets .. pure wealth for me.


We walked into a neighborhood outside the center and I let my mother navigate me, although we both occasionally miss the sense of direction ...

I noticed that my mother became a lot more quit ... and given the fact that we  we were enjoying and had a good chat  I thought this was a bit strange ... "" Mom ... what's wrong? Both beautifully dressed, and blow-dried our her hair we walked further ... "" Mom ... why are you suddenly so quiet? My mother ordered me to walk faster and suddenly held the kiddy car anxiously ... we walked in a hurry from one Ydilian street to the other. and... my mother became more and more sullen ...

"" I think we are being chased by a white big Mercedes, we are two blond women and we are not known from here! .. '' she embroidered further ...

At first I was not worried .. as I know from my mother that her alarm system is very tightly adjusted '' Ah mom, you see ghosts .. I said '', Look for yourself! '' My mother continued quite a bit pissed off! And yes slowly .. as if by chance I had to look in that direction .. I looked back and indeed I saw a big white Mercedes driving behind us ... I got stuffy and decided to walk quietly .. but we didn't know the way all the way back to the apartment ... "" Mom ... why do you think they are follwing  us ? .. maybe they also happen to be heading in this direction?

My mother started to tell about her backpacking trip in Spain, that she had experienced some things with Gitano's great things but also that entire villages closed their doors and windows and even brought in their laundry because everything was stolen ...

I had it never heard of it.and now I started to be seriously worried .... you can even say I felt afraid ...

 the will  inside to run was soo big but we had to stay calm .. also a dog started barking and we did not knew the way to our appartment .. there were no other people in the street. it seemed like a good thriller setting ... we kept walking and saw that the car was still behind us ... "" Mom, if those people  really wanted to do something to us ...could'nt they   have that  allready done by now? .... I asked hopefully ... the road became more known by now ... and I felt that we were close to the apartment complex ... again one of us looked back ...... a huge relief... the car turned off ... we were indeed close by to live in a neighborhood with Gitano's ... which turned out to be the most atmospheric and pleasant neighborhood ... how scared we were ... but we could'nt be more wrong hahah..

12. Musica Gitana

After waking up from the siesta, my mother pulls her 70 laps in the pool. And I decide to walk down the mountain with Miles to get some groceries.

We walk the dogs, pack our beach gear and walk towards the village to start our afternoon with a nice cup of coffee at Avenida, that's how we started every day. afternoon and evening haha..

It was  nice quiet and pleasant, people who were dining with families, children who were playing on the beach and the merchants with their wares.

My eye is drawn to a rather unusual woman, I could not place well, whether she lived on the street, was very poor or a broken soul, we got into conversation, I was immediately fascinated by her character, she exudes power, very much power, even though she was so broken!

She asked us what two blonde women, '' mujeres rubia ''  decided to go to Puerto de Mazarron so early for the summer season,

I told her a few things about the what we experienced, about my passion and desire to live in Spain , about dreams and risks, I saw that she admired us.

She  allready  seemed to have a bond with us and with my son!

We also became curious about her story that could have come out of a novel , Lolli, as she called,  tolled that her great love, a female partner, had a very bad childhood, and that she later in her life, while she had a passionate, loving relationship with Lolli, was terribly abused by her male ex partner

.Lolli could no longer face the sorrow of her partner and committed a crime de passional, stabbed the ex man and was detained for a few years. The woman finally left her when Lolli went to prison the women started a relationship with another, that is why I saw her broken soul, she has lost her great love.

Of course we were shocked by this, but the way she was welcomed in Puerto made it feel ok!

Lolli turns out to be a Gitana with a very musical talent, she wrote her most beautiful songs in prison.


When Lolli was released, she could no longer properly ground in the community and with her guitar went through the streets of Spain and so she earned her living. The moment she had played together enough to eat and drink, she then started to treat people with her little money, which made her feel good, or gave it to poor older people!


She found Miles to be very pure and made her very happy, which gave her inspiration for more songs. "Guapisimo" she always told him and he always repeat her  so cute.

Lolli asked me to sing a few lines of her text, I had a real Gitana voice, she said, which made me laugh, she asked me to go with her to sing along the terraces.

A number of times, I did not dare it out of  uncertainty, but several people, my mother, the waiters of the terraces and some friends said '' oh what have you got to lose ''? At least You can have a lot of fun . "" Your voice sounds good!

Although I did not dare, I sat over those feelings, put on my Spanish naughty shoes and went with her.

At the first song, I was still uncertain, but Lolli pulled me through with her singing and her powerful voice! Now it was on!

We sang untill the night and brought in a lot, which of course I awarded to Lolli!

Although I didn't have a voice left the next day, it is one of my best experiences in my life to take risks and daring to step out of your comfort zone really pays! Miles who went dancing while we sang, my mother and the terrace, who indicated the rhythm by clapping,

I felt special, powerful and blessed! Talking to strangers can be one of your best experiences, but of course always be aware of danger to haha!

13. Obuela Roma / Grandma Gypsy

Also in Puerto we need to do the groceries, we decided this time to go to the Spar!

Yes ladies and gentlemen a Spar in Puerto!

We walk past the date palms, down the huge ramp again, where I am terribly scared of by  an enormous flying but very beautiful and blue light-emitting beetle,  with the size of a tennis ball that casually flies behind me, I run so fast as could, with some high screams I will tell you.

After having had that and being laughed at my mother and son , we continue our way!

We arrived at the Spar, in front of the door,  was an old woman named Paola with gray long hair, she intrigued us.

A woman who  has  lived  hundreds lives you can  tell by her face, a cheerful appearance with the pain in her eyes, she was certainly around 80 years old, but with quite a bit of spice.

A very clean and vain woman, especially for someone who lives on the street.

She sat on a rug and made her own ashtrays from old cans, chains, key rings and so on.

We got into conversation and this happened every time we bumped into her, just like with Loli, she also had an enormous life story, which she shared with us!

My mother asked her if she was a Roma and this turned out to be the case, she said that her origins were in Romania and that she had experienced a very intense war, which she barely survived.

Unfortunately she was hit with 7 bullets  and some knife stitches, which were scattered all over her body, she showed us her scars, we all started to cry!

Fortunately, Miles was not yet able to speak the language and was not informed.

This was the reason that she had to leave and left everything she had, including her children, and fled to Spain, her sons finally and happily followed her.

We also told her our story, but there was another experience that I shared with her.

Before we left for Spain I had a dream, I had a dream about Jesus showing himself to me in terra cotta colors, I made a poem of this before I left.


                                  the poem

When I look at this world in silence on top of the largest mountain in the world , with worldwide vieuw feel  and the wind waving true my hair, softly whisper to me and the world is embracing , I did questioned by myself 

Why do people make a slave of each other by money?
Why do we fight over a worthless peace of paper?
Why don't people want to live in a unreppted nature and eat food what isnt poisend by machines, instead of picking fruit from all the trees we'd get!

Why do people fight over material and power instead of fighting for love 

And thats what people called life?

And when I  stood there i'd cry a bit and then the rain kisses me on my face gentle and answerd me 
The world doesnt need people to rule each other because we'd proove were uncappble of that !

Love has to rule the people ,thats the one and only true savier of mankind 

And then the sun lift me up and sang that time comes soon love will catch all mankind 
Soo i embrace the world and love every piece of it because this world will be saved and that will be a truely paradise

Paola had to cry and told '' me describiste  Puerto de Mazarrón y yo '' In English she said that I had described Puerto de Mazarron and what Spain gave her, I thought that was very special since I had written the poem before we left and it came out of my dream  and we did not knew anything about Puerto de Mazarron.

Paola started hugging me and told me that I give light, that God sees me and that I had to be careful in Puerto against whom I tell my dreams to.

My mother asked don't you  want to go to the Netherlands, a country that helps you get off the street? And then she told us something that would always stay with me! she said '' I would rather be a homeless women  under the sun of Spain as a free women  than be successfully trapped abroad im a country thas is unjustice and cold even tough I'm old , This I will always remember!


We come across Paola even more often!

Xxxx by brigitte


14.   La Estrella!


During the day we had our adventures, about which I will tell a lot more, but Puerto also had his wonderful secrets in the evening!

Dinner was one of our favorite pursuits in the evening, after our siesta we dressed up and walked our most favorite routes to the village.

The view was breathtaking every night, every evening had its own atmosphere, charm and feeling and every evening we walked a diffrent route!

This evening we walked through the beautiful hotel La Cumbre, the people who went to check in were in full vacation mood, especially the Spaniards celebrated their holiday here and I thought yes, where the local people look for entertainment you can find the best places!

We continued our way to a slope that steeply descended, past the yard a pink villa of an old couple and their dog , who always showed us on time that he had noticed us! This was part of this route!

We walked past even more beautiful houses and fruit trees, suddenly to my surprise a red car accelerated its pace, and also in our direction, my breath stopped, after all I was walking with a child in a kiddy car and my mother by the hand, they were driving harder and harder and my heart couldn't hold it anymore, I was terrified, they were really after us, why?


read here the sequel!

15 La estrella, Falling star ..continued


Eventually they drove past us, after trying to hit us, we entered a side alley, I was so terribly angry that I could not restrain myself and the young couple of around 18, who apparently were under the influence of drugs, informed me that I was really angry about this   and told them that I was going to notify the police of their dangerous and threatening behavior!

"Me llamar de police I said! The lady said '' Puta '' and spit in my direction, with this I would rather stop and walk further up the alley, my mother said that these were also Gitanas but this behavior was certainly not desirable with their parents!

We were shocked and painfully aware of the dangers that could  there.

We decided to shake off the shock and walked further towards the village, where the cameros were more or less waiting for us with a delicious plate of richly filled paella!

My mother, Miles and I Eat so much  that  our walk on the boulevard would be tough, I can tell you! \

The evening was so magical, everyone seemed so very glad and happy and it was clear and beautiful, we were even allowed to catch a glimpse of a lost dolphin!

My mother was getting tired and my little boy too, she suggested going back so they could go to sleep, since the evening was so beautiful I decided to enjoy it and wanted to keep this feeling as long as possible!

I saw that there were huge rocks behind the harbor, which is a good place to see this beautiful vieuw at its best, my rebellious side thought! So I secretly decided to go through the harbor and then enjoy the beautiful view.

When I settled down, the realization of gratitude came that I can do this journey, together with my mother and son, that we can fully enjoy it. The realization of how beautiful it is that I can experience this in my life and how special it is that despite our difficult times, we may already experience so much happiness, I thought while a thick tear rolled down my cheek with happiness that I can also have romantic moments on my own! At that moment something special happened, something magical, it was black and clear outside, the stars were all over and while I tried my luck  a falling star flew past by!

16.Get to know your friends!

My mother and son always went to bed on time, that was to early for me,  I wanted to explore the world, I wanted to catch up with what I was unable to do before and went out.

I put on my best chlotes and decided to see the  nature, to go on an adventure.

This was incredibly exciting and fun for me and here I also got to know myself, I learned how cliché it even sounds, that it can be incredibly beautiful on your own, that you can experience romance on your own this is also a lesson what I would like to share.

  I am one of a triplet and have always been together whether it was with my sisters, with friends or my relationship I was never alone, this was really a challenge for me, in Spain I learned how beautiful it can be to be alone.

In the evening when I went out I always decided to call my best friend to show her the beauty of Spain, the harbor, the nice restaurant, the nice and friendly people, because I also wanted to show her where she would ended up for 3 weeks.

I will almost see Aart and there was the tension, I wanted to make sure that everything went well, that she had a reasonably cheap taxi, the best place in the house and that she would experience it as I experience it here.

We talked until the early hours and I actually  took her with me to the clubs to the mountains, it was a very nice time, I could not wait to be there with her  togehter with our children.

Now the time came that I had to arrange it and there I felt it, a bit of fear of failure.

But as perfectionist as I am, I find out that it always works out just because of the pressure I feel.

I was able to ask two friends who wanted to help me. They would pick up my friend from Alicante Airport for the small amount of € 60, believe me. I can tell you they don't earn anything from it, they lose rather instead. I thought it was such a sweet gesture and I was very happy with the help, I couldn't wait to tell.

The day had come, my son stayed with my mother, my mother and I cleaned up the whole house, there was a refrigerator full of food and the only thing that was arranged with Aart was that she didn't have to pay anything accept with us to  do  the groceries .

There we went to Alicante Airport to my best friend with her child. The journey had begun I could not wait to see her.

For me it was already a very special trip with the palm trees the mountains the beautiful weather , in short I felt like a Queen.

Once arrived I was treated to a nice cup of coffee and we hear that there was a delay this was a bit of a damper but that did not spoil the fun, because I would almost see her.

We decided to go to the gate, there where she would arrive,  we wait and we wait it seemed to take forever, but there the doors opened.

I was so happy I flew into her arms and she in  mine and from here the great journey could start again

We went into the car with her all her suitcases.

It was dark and that makes Spain even more magical for me and I thought she could not experience it more perfectly, the arrival. But unfortunately the opposite was where I tried to brighten her up and my friends too, they tried to tell her all the nice things about Puerto de Mazarron, but she was not happy .

I could not understand  it cause everything was perfect, the cheap ride back home and my friends who help her incredibly sweet with the suitcases, the lights in the mountains, the magic of Spain and she was not happy, I could not believe  that .

We drive towards a gas station because of course we have to refuel again,from the loss my friends also wanted to offer some goodies to the little girl who had had a long flight ,also that was rejected by Aart.

I don't understand where this came from, my friends were soon done with it, it was a quiet ride back home, I felt angry, sad, all the trouble for someone so thankless.

When we arrived home, my friends decided to help with the suitcases and left quickly, I felt a substitute shame.

We had arranged everything to make the arrival as nice as possible, also a wine was arranged, red, white, rosé, she could choose anything and the only thing she could say is "what are the birds ugly" I really felt that I was with a strange person.

My mother and son gave her a  warm welcome and the only thing she could do was being  negative, negative about a place to sleep negative about the birds, we have the most beautiful view ever and she was not happy , her daughter on the other hand was super happy and super sweet, I thought and  I had agreed with myself and with my mother if this is her eventually we will not be stuck with her for 3 weeks


17. Disappointment or relief?

After the downer of this evening we decided to keep it friendly and were  hoping that Aat was tired from the trip with her daughter.

After all, I know her as a funny, sweet and sociable lady, so that hope was high and almost taken for granted that it would all work out.


It is yet another morning a lovely breeze went through the window in my room, the sun was shining early ..like every morning , our two beautiful white house pigeons were peeking on the balcony again.

I heard  the shower , it could not be my mother, since we lived in Spain we have taken over the habits of the Spaniards a bit and we got up relaxed and quiet in the mornings.

It was Aat who prepared herself and her daughter for the day.

This was a positive development, I thought, and yes she seems a lot happier than yesterday.

We decided to start the morning with a cup of coffee and breakfast.

After the morning progressed I was  surprised that the enthusiasm to start the day together at the pool, so that the children found some fun and coolness, was missing from her and Aat thought it was a nicer idea to search for a hot Spanish man on Badoo and asked me to translate for her as she didn't speak a word of Spanish and I've already learned how to speak spanish.

Honestly ... the need to have a conversation with her felt very great and I was very irritated with her. We are in a very beautiful place, I couldn't wait to show her the village and the beautiful beaches. And to Taste the delicious dishes and have a nice evening out as friends, but instead the disappointment only got bigger and bigger .. really I  feel like I have to cry.

We decided to hope for the better again and tried to throw in all our positivity and do some groceries.

The agreement we made with Aat was that she could stay with us in the apartment for free and only had to pay for groceries, this suddenly became a discussion point and she decided to fill our refrigerator with her own products.


I was soo mad, we walked to the store and luckily the walk seemed exactly what we needed. The children had fun and we saw Aat thawing little by little and enjoying the beautiful view. We passed a taco restaurant near the LIdl and her luck could not be beaten. Fortunately, we were all super happy and hoped for better.

But unfortunately that seemed to turn into a big disappointment in the store again, we had an agreement to get our own groceries, but suddenly she decicded  that she would like to eat with us in the evening. Meanwhile in the store I already saw myself  with steam out of my ears, but no, we still hoped for better and we wanted for her daughter and my son so much more fun that we tried to look how could make this situation better..

Again the walk seemed to do  good.

Her daughter completely cheerful really wanted to take a dive in our big pool, but we all had to be reluctant to sit inside as Aat was tired and wanted to go back on Badoo, the disappointment in her daughter's eyes hurt me and Aat also thought for to even stay for 6 weeks. I could not let this go on for my son and that is not good for anyone.

I decided to talk to her anyway and  to share my findings with her. This seemed to be paying off, she apologized and said that she could indeed behave like a diva and she seemed to appreciate that I discussed this incident with her, and I also told her that if this situation persists I would rather have to not make the situation worse for the children and than to take some distance from each other.

She seemed to understand this and I was very relieved that I had this conversation with her. Unfortunately 5 minutes later it seemed as if we were all at a funeral and the atmosphere just got worse and worse, she stayed on badoo , her child next to her on the couch and we who continuously tried to go outside and she who kept turning it down .. I got angry .. sad and and was very disappointed in my friend, I did not know this from her and I had expected it all very differently, I did not want to participate and I was saddled for another 6 weeks with someone who is so very negative I could not imagine.

So in the end I decided to talk to her again, but this conversation was so disappointing that Unfortunately, my mother and I had to decide that parting is sometimes better. She continued on her way to the Netherlands and although we were very upset about the situation, we were very relieved that our last two months could not be ruined anymore.

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