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Strong mind

Published on 2 May 2019 at 10:00

Hi everyone,


Have you ever realized that there are certain products that are good for the mind! I have listed a few here for you

Fat fish is often at the top of the list. ... Fatty acids are indispensable for the structure and functioning of the brain. especially the unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are important.

A deficiency can lead to a reduced concentration and forgetfulness.

There are indications that too little omega 3 fatty acids are associated with conditions such as depression, ADHD, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease.

DHA and EPA occur in particular in Fat fish such as herring, sardine, salmon anchovy and also mackerel.

TIP one to two times a week fat fish. is very healthy .. tasty and good for the mind! .

The best oil to choose in this case is olive oil, or rapeseed oil and linseed oil, these are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

I briefly promote a number of good products for you  for you here Your brains are more sensitive to free radical .. so you do good if you are  eating antioxidants

vegetables that contain many antioxidants  are for example
Brussels sprouts
Leaf lettuce

But there are also many antioxidants in strawberries, apples, cherries, sweet potatoes, plums, kidney beans and, for example, blueberries

Glucose is needed to fuel the cells and is made possible by the hormone Insulin.

After all, if there is glucose in the blood, extra Insulin will be made to transport it to the cells that need it. So there is a clear link between the functioning of your brain and your blood sugar levels.

a stable blood sugar level is of great importance. Firstly, the fact that a low blood sugar level will ensure less energy and therefore less activity of the neurons. Your brain will still work, but a few big speeds lower. This will not benefit your learning performance and your concentration, of course.

A blood sugar level that is regularly too high will cause a constant overproduction of insulin. the Glucose through the cell can no longer take place. The pancreas needs to make extra insulin to make the absorption of Glucose still a bit orderly. But if it gets depleted, then there is Diabetes.

The risk of a too high blood sugar level is also the silting up of the veins and therefore also causes deterioration of the brain.

Now not only has nutrition to do with a healthy mind, sports also contribute to that ... But many other things such as environment .. and situations .. can influence your strong mind both positively and negatively .. now I am certainly not a psychologist so, however, I will speak from my own experience ... but what also certainly contributes to me is guarding against negative situations or learning to cope with certain situations to put all responsibility on myself, including the way in which I respond to certain negative situations.

Did you know that:

Cortisol is the hormone that is produced in your body when you are stressed. Occasionally a little stress is not a problem, but a long-term overdose of cortisol disrupts many processes in your body, including the self-healing capacity.

It is also almost impossible to lose weight if a lot of cortisol is circulating in your body. You can then in particular be bothered by a persistent "swimming band". It is therefore important for your health to contain this hormone a little.

My mother has experienced what it is like to be bothered by this problem.

And now I speak again from personal experience because I am not a psychologist, I avoid too much stress by practicing Yoga .. I notice that if I have had a stressful day this reduces my stress level, I also read a lot, I notice that I because of that certain subjects are left behind for a while and I only concentrate on the book for a moment, this also makes me a lot more relaxed ,,, also making a planning helps me a lot.

And I have to say that my faith is the biggest cause to   avoiding stress on a high level. 

Make sure you do not take too much hay on your fork and avoid as much stress as possible in your life.



xx me



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