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Powerfull and high-protein breakfast!

Published on 11 February 2019 at 15:42

Hola Healthy people!


For everyone who loves salmon, this breakfast is perfect!
This is an incredibly healthy and a protein, omega and vitamin breakfast.
I prepare this breakfast daily, also for my son who loves it!

3 wholemeal crackers
1 red onion
mixed salad
tomato to taste
cucumber to taste
1 boiled egg
50 gr cottage cheese
50 gr smoked salmon
2 spreads philedelphia cream cheese
little bit of balsamic vinegar
teaspoon of olive oil
pepper and salt.









Make the lettuce with the balsamic vinegar and the olive oil.

Spread two crackers with the Philadelphia cream cheese, top with the smoked salmon and top with the red onion.

Place the last cracker with the cottage cheese a slice of cucumber and tomato.

Put the crackers on a plate, the lettuce next to it, garnish with the egg, tomato and cucumber and then a pinch of salt and coarse pepper to taste

Life can be so easy, healthy and tasty!
We would really like to get photos , if you try this dish

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