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Snel & verzzz

Published on 3 February 2019 at 14:19

Hola Everyone,

One of my favorite spots from Hoofddorp is Snel & Verzzz and really lives up to its name, so they have delicious fresh smoothies in different flavors, sandwiches from which you can choose various, and the muffins and coffee jammie!


The people give you a very welcome feeling and you feel at home quickly, it is a permanent spot for many people.

I ordered an Itialian ball with goat cheese honey and arugula, and he prepared while I was standing by.

What a sweet people work because they are very customer oriented and really want to make you fee welcomel, this sandwich was nice in price quality ratio and was exactly as I had hoped( do you know that feeling) haha?

After that we drank a good cappuccino and what a nice rustic decorated place.

So if you want a good, affordable and enjoyable lunch in a place near Amsterdam called Hoofddorp, then this is really the place to be!

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