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 Benvenuto Bella's,


We from Beauty of lifestyle would like to share you the Best of the best wiith you!

We came across www.Bellamilan.nl, they are a web shop specialized in Pupa Milano make-up and part of .Makeup4all.

Also nice to know, they have been the most trusted online sales address of the Italian brand Pupa Milano for 15 years.

The playful and luxurious appearance of this brand attracts me enormously, once ordered is sold forever , when I used to look in my mother's Beauty case, I already enjoyed making whole creations, but with Pupa you can really show al you're talent and beauty!

In addition to selling the full Pupa make-up assortment online, you will also find in their outlet many other great products for a super low price that are no longer available anywhere else.

We as Beauty of lifestyle would not be called Beauty or lifestyle if we did not share this with you!

All women from Beauty of lifestyle use Pupa, it is a beautiful and playful brand and think this really fits with Beauty of lifestyle!

You can visit this page for reviews of their beautiful products, any discounts and information!

For those who also use Pupa, send us some pictures of your look,  we would really like  that and maybe you  will get a place on this beautiful and favorite page to!


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