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Published on 22 March 2020 at 09:41

Dear dear readers,

What a bizarre and scary time, huh?

People with mouth masks, empty stores, schools that are closed and people who end up in hospitals or lose their loved one to this terrible virus and sometimes cannot even say goodbye.


Normally you see these kinds of scenes only in disaster movies like The day after tommorow. Now we live in such a disaster movie it seems.

One country after another goes into lockdown, also with a heavy heart, my beloved country Spain, and perhaps the Netherlands will also have to go in lockdown.

And what a respect for the people who work in healthcare and supermarkets during this difficult time and also for the people who offer their help to people in need.

Because let's not forget that, despite hoarding and the shortage in toilet paper,  also beautiful things happen, people who want to help each other, a taxi driver who drives around for free to support the older people or helpless people in their daily necessities. , or people who offer their help via Facebook.

I am very happy that we can see that from our fellow human beings and that the beautiful side of social media is also shown, because now that we are confined to the sofa at home it is very nice that we can come into contact with loved one in this way and help each other out.

Despite the fact that this is a bizarre, scary, painful and unreal time, I still hope to give something positive.

Many people have a hard time waiting for this to pass again, but let's all do something nice and try to boost and help each other, because whether we are afraid and sad and angry at each other, it will not let this difficult period pass sooner.

I was thinking about my dear grandmother, I was thinking about how she would be and get through this period.

My grandmother was the positivity herself, she always had a smile on her face and when things went a little less, she said, "child we should have a party" because if you spend the time cozy and cheerful and don't let anything make you small, time will always go faster, a smile and a tear, but don't let our kindness and cheerfulness disapear .

My thoughts are with the people who have unfortunately not survived this virus, with the people who have been unable to say goodbye to them, or have lost their loved ones, because this time cannot be positive for them.

Dear readers, shall we leave a heartwarming message for them here in the comments so that they will receive some support and strength despite this difficult time?

Health, love, support and positivity for everyone and don't let Covid-19 get you in darker times.

We are stronger!


Big kiss Britt from Beauty or lifestyle


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