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Published on 11 October 2019 at 11:30

Dear readers,

Today another new article in my weekly column!

This week was all about confrontation and acceptance for me!

There are certain circumstances at the moment that prevent me from achieving my goals in which time  I would like to achieve them, this was a really bitter pill and sometimes I got demotivated and I had moments when I even wanted to give up my dreams or goals.

Herein comes a bit of confrontation and every time this confrontation presented itself, I let myself be disturbed!

However, during those moments I decided not to give up and see which smaller solutions could ensure that I, at least be sure of a deadline by which I want to achieve my goals and dreams, despite this week  I was confronted with it again, I also got good news and the small steps turned out to have paid off, this is mainly due to my faith, I notice that if I keep up and don't give up I end up where I want to go, even though it might takes longer and the road towards my goals and dreams can be very tough and  difficult!

No matter how big or small your dreams are, or how impossible they sometimes seems to achieve, if you decide to give them up, you are certain that you will never achieve them and you will stay where you are!

Get out of your comfort zone and keep on going, you will see that it will pay off, accept the situation as it is at that moment and make new plans, take risks!

Don't let anyone and your situation give up your dreams and goals!

Decide to make rest of your life

The best of your life

Hug Britt


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