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Fotofabriek A beauty in quality

Published on 9 May 2019 at 12:39


Hi everybody

As you  all know, I wanted to have  one of the most beautifull experiences  in my life  in a photo album, my son, mother and me lived in Spain, Puerto de Mazarron for three months, I wanted to have this  memories  and the way we  experienced it come together in the book as much as possible,

I did not knew where to look, but got a great tip to go to the website of www.fotofabriek.nl , they also proved to be the best tested at Avro tros so you expect quality,

And they definitily feature   quality, so I wanted to share this tip with you guys!


I must honestly admit that I am not very patient with  editing programs and often leave the sites of many, rather agitated.

But the website of fotofabriek surprised me positively, the way shows itself very easily and the editing program is super nice and easy to work with.

What I find very important is that when you open the book, you can taste the atmosphere as you have experienced those moments,   what is so great about the program is that you can design the layout entirely to your own taste, if you want it a little more orderd  than you can decide for yourself to place less photos on the page.

I opted for a more playful effect by giving each page a different layout, you also have a choice of numerous graphics that make it even more personal,  To write texts is  also possible and as you all now, I love writing texts so this was a must for me, the program shows very clearly whether the photo is suitable or not and you can ask on the chat for questions!

In short: it is  a nice program to work with and that from my mouth!


The shipping  goes also very smooth, they will send you a confirmation and track & trace code and I have received the photo album super fast, which you will also receive neatly and respectfully packaged!

When I opened the package, the book was larger than I expected and what a super nice result I chose for the Hardcover photo album of 30x30 with 24 pages!


What a great result,

That it would be this beautiful and qualitative I could not have hoped for,  I even got a little bit emotional when I opened the book because what I wanted did  happen  our beautiful journey is exactly  showed in the book as I hoped !

This is what you want when you go for a photo album, you can also order any other things  from them so you have a rich choice from the photo album type and you can order business cards, wall decorations, photos, diaries, calendars and much more at there website.

At fotoabriek they are : very customer-friendly and customer-oriented!

The quality price ratio is sublime!

No stress before receiving!


I know where I will order from now on! and definitely recommend you to take a look at their website, I will place the links under this message!


Will you let me know if you choose for  www.Fotofabiek.n l?


Big hug Britt

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